Political explosion: Haseeb Drabu urges PM Modi to bifurcate J&K

Politics in jihad-gripped Kashmir is undergoing a change. Many in the state, barring vested interests, have virtually acknowledged that no power on earth will ever be in a position to restoreJ Nehru

Take, for example, former Finance Minister in the PDP-led coalition government and one of the chief architects of the 2015 “divisive” BJP-PDP agenda of alliance, Haseeb Drabu, who and whose relations, along with thousands of others, have been accused of looting state land under the obnoxious Roshni Act of Farooq Abdullah, which was also amended by Mufti Sayeed and Ghulam Nabi Azad, to further allow loot and plunder of state and other prime lands, mostly in Jammu’s Sunjuwan, Bathindi, Bahu area, Sidhra, Nagrota and along River Tawi, also called Surya Putri. Haseeb Drabu has started making the right political noises appreciating the changed all-powerful South and North Blocks. So much so, he has gone to the extent of urging the create two UTs

It would be only desirable to quote verbatim what he said while vouching for threePeople’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) may well discover that they are a happy motley of ideological triplets, separated only by the leadership!”

Jammu province and Kashmir are disparate regions and time has come to break the unnatural formationGulab Singh, and the British Government. Under this treaty, Kashmir had become part of the mighty Dogra Kingdom and not the vice-versa.

Earlier on April 23, 2020, Haseeb Drabu had set the record straight regarding the 148-year-old practice of Darbar move

As regards the practice of the Darbar move, Haseeb Drabu said: “The darbar move had no legislative backing…Contrary to the popular belief, the reason for the Darbar move was not climatology: to escape the harsh winters of Kashmir Valley or the scorching summers of Jammu. Nor was it clairvoyance. It was a compulsion; of the British to protect their Indian Empire.”

If it is driven by business and enterprise and not by babus and babudom, it will grow on the power of conviviality and resilience of its original vernacular.

Of course, Haseeb Drabu was partly right and partly wrong. He’s right when he said that climatology had nothing to do with the origin of the practice of Darbar move. He’s wrong when he attributed the practice of Darbar move to the British. The truth is that Maharaja Ranbir Singh started this practice to counter the British intrigues in Kashmir. The imperialist Britons had been instigating the Kashmiri Muslim clergy against the Dogra rule to further their own imperial interests in the region and check the Russian activities in the strategic Northern Frontier (Ladakh, including Gilgit, Baltistan, Chitral, Hunza, Nagar, Yasin, and Ishkoman).

And as for his suggestion that Srinagar to be made commercial, Drabu said: “What has being the ‘summer capital’ for the last 70 years done for Kashmir, its society, its local economy, and its culture. Be in terms of provision of public service or urbanization or the sheer aesthetics of the city…The significance of Srinagar is reflective neither of our real and symbolic resources nor does echo the value and ethos of the people who live there. It showcases only the behavioral disdain of the ruling elite. For how long then are we to live with the idea of a ‘half capitalbabus and babudom, it will grow on the power of conviviality and resilience of its original vernacular. Not only will it get rid of pervasive negativity, but it will also rediscover its own raison d’etre beyond government…”

The suggestions as put forth by Haseeb Drabu just can’t be brushed aside and dismissed as silly and preposterous. He is a man from Kashmir and was part of the system for yearsfour ways: It will make people of Jammu province strong and master in their own house; harmonize inter-regional relations; limit the area of communal strife to the valley; promote politics in Kashmir based on economic and democratic issues, and help New Delhi tackle Kashmir in a more effective manner.

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