Save industry from collapse, plastic makers urge PM Narendra Modi

MUMBAI: The All India Plastics Manufacturers’ Association has written to PM Narendra Modi, requesting him to save the industry from total collapse. They have said that a steep rise in raw material (resin) has sounded the death knell for the industry which can be saved from collapse if urgent measures are taken.
In his letter, the association’s president Chandrakant Turakhia has said that the pandemic has broken the bone of the industry, and now, unnatural rise in raw material by petrochemical firms has aggravated the situation.
He added that the PM’s vision of Atamanirbhar Bharat – or self-reliant India – will suffer a big blow if plastic products are imported from China as cost of production there is much lower than in India.
As a solution, the letter said: “Constitute a petrochemical regulatory authority to curb the consortium and undue profiteering persisting in the petrochemicals industry. Government should investigate the reason for artificial rise in the price of raw material by all polymer manufacturers in India.”
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