Culled 'zombie minks' rise from graves in Denmark

The bodies of minks culled in Denmark due to the pandemic are rising from their mass graves. More than 10 million of the furry creatures were killed when a vaccine-resistant mutation of broke out on farms. Now, thanks to gasses released during the decaying process, the minks have expand and pushed out of the ground. One Twitter user wrote that 2020 is “the year of the zombie mutant killer minks”.

Pranksters fool Trudeau with Greta impersonation

Justin Trudeau has been pranked by Russian phone callers impersonating climate campaigner Greta Thunberg. During the call, the fake Greta tells the Canadian prime minister that is “doing everything to kill us”, and Trudeau replies: “I understand your words.” However, when Greta begins to talk about South Park, Trudeau realises he is being pranked and wraps up the call.

‘Little green men’ hover above Stonehenge

A UFO has been caught on camera hovering above Stonehenge. Tash Minto and Tony Waterhouse were driving on the A303 just outside Mere, Wiltshire, when they noticed a huge glowing disc. “Tony said it was definitely little green men,” said Tash. “Personally I think, if they are out there, they won’t be very little. I think they’ll be giants,” she added.

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