Diane Francis: The Liberals eat the cake. We get the crumbs

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Last month, the ethics commissioner dropped the investigation into Morneau over the WE Charity scandal. “I accept that you genuinely believed you had paid for the entire cost of both trips,” said Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion.

Now, Morneau faces 11 rivals for the OECD gig, and 19 public servants are helping him snag it. So far, $6,265.76 has been spent on hospitality in Paris, but Global Affairs Canada said it had no projection for the final price tag, adding that the pandemic could drive costs higher. By the way, that total covers one fancy dinner in Paris for four.

Clearly, Canadians are captive to an elite group of people who look after their own. We’ll likely never know how much Morneau’s bid for secretary general will end up costing taxpayers, or how him getting the job benefits the country. We still have no idea how many millions the prime minister blew on his road show last year wooing tin pot despots to back his failed attempt for a useless Security Council seat at the United Nations.

This is Liberal Canada: they eat the cake; we get the crumbs.

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