EDITORIAL: A vaccination plan that protects the vulnerable

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This makes sense. A full 80% of those who died of COVID-19 during the first wave were long-term care residents. This is ultimately where the pandemic is playing out.

Public health officials acknowledge this. Stores are not shut down for fear that younger persons going into those shops will contract the virus and die from it. That’s not what the officials are saying.

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No, those restrictions are in place to stop the virus from spreading more broadly in the community and then making its way to high-risk persons who may enter the hospital and even tragically die of it.

We still believe that there must be a smarter way to manage COVID-19 that protects the vulnerable and eases the restrictions on low-risk persons.

But whatever your perspective, making vaccines available to high-risk persons first is a win for all.

The more that people who are most likely to die from COVID-19 get the vaccine, the more they are protected and the less of an argument there is for the various restrictions currently causing other problems in our communities.

Everyone who wants a vaccine should have access to it, just like with the flu shot.

Canadians in lower risks categories though should also see the benefits of letting others go first.

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