Eid Al Adha: Justin Trudeau Celebrates Contribution of Muslim Canadians

Rabat – Canadian Prime Minister released a video on Thursday to wish Muslim Canadians a happy Eid Al Adha.

“Eid al-Adha is one of the most important Muslim holidays and a time to reflect on the lessons of sacrifice and the values of service, compassion, and charity,” Trudeau said.

Muslims across the globe are celebrating the feast, marking the culmination of the pilgrimage to hajj rites in Saudi Arabia.

He recalled how this year’s eid is marked by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, as we continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and follow health guidelines to keep each other and our communities safe, celebrations will look different – especially for those who were unable to participate in the pilgrimage.

Recalling the importance of Eid in Islam, the prime minister said the values of Eid  have never been more important.”

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“Whether it is supporting a local charity, being there for neighbours, or helping those who are more vulnerable, Muslim Canadians continue to show us what it means to serve our community.”

Trudeau continued by saying that his government recognizes all the contributions of Muslim Canadians.

“On behalf of our family, Sophie and I wish all those celebrating a happy Eid al-Adha.”

Trudeau seized the Islamic festival as an opportunity to share his congratulatory messages and to celebrate the contributions of the community in the development of the Canadian community.

Statistics Canada shared data from 2017 estimated the number of individuals who identified as Muslim at over 1 million, representing 3.2% of the country’s total population.

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