FATAH: Conservatives elect another Andrew Scheer

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For those who feel I am giving too much importance to appearance and demeanour, I have a message: We are no longer in times where ideas count. There are no high principles or ideologies that are debated among the “I’m like” generation of the Tik-Tok era.

Anyone looking back for a Chretien-Mulroney-Broadbent contest should realize that the electorate has deteriorated as much as the leadership. Imagine Chretien photo-bombing a group of teens or Broadbent in ‘blackface’ or Mulroney dipping into ethnic vote banks for survival.

If the electorate was serious about the affairs of the nation, then the WE scandal would have made Trudeau resign, not his finance minister. People would have been furious at the nepotism and scarcity of truth that gushed out of ministers and MPs who, like Jay-Z, simply shrugged the “dirt off their shoulders”.

Seems the “ordinary” Canadian too couldn’t give a damn about alleged corruption and nepotism at the highest levels.

A new Leger poll suggests Canadians believe Prime Minister is the leader best able to care for them during the COVID-19 pandemic and to get the country’s economy back on its feet, notwithstanding his brush with the Kielburger Brothers money-making.

Asked about their choice among parties if an election was called today, 38% of decided voters said they’d support the Liberals compared to 30% for the Conservatives, and only 18% for the NDP.

In Quebec, the Bloc Quebecois was at 33%, statistically tied with the Liberals in that province at 32%, with the Conservatives well behind at 16%, with the NDP at a dismal 12%

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