GOLDSTEIN: Freeland's ambivalent view of Israel is Trudeau's policy

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B’nai Brith Canada, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs and the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center, whose new president and CEO is former Liberal MP Michael Levitt, have all condemned the Trudeau government’s policy change.

The UN motion Canada endorsed calling for the creation of an independent Palestinian state, is one of the milder ones condemning Israel.

But it comes in the context of the UN’s blatant, anti-Israel bias, where only a handful of countries stand up for Israel, as the Trudeau government knows.

Chong, after a preamble to his question pointing out Trudeau’s failed bid for a UN Security council seat in June garnered six fewer votes than former Conservative PM Stephen Harper’s bid in 2010 — meaning “six fewer countries … see Canada as a leader on the world stage” — asked Freeland:

“When will this government restore Canada’s long-standing opposition to these anti-Israel resolutions that were upheld by previous Liberal and Conservative governments and put in place by Prime Minister Paul Martin?”

Freeland replied:

“Mr. Speaker, let me speak to Canada’s place in the world and to our foreign policy. We are living in a world today where there is a worrying rise of authoritarian regimes, a worrying rise of anti-democratic populism and our country, in that world, will always stand up for human rights and will always stand up for the rules-based international order. That may not always be popular, Mr. Speaker, but that is the Canadian way.”

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