GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau misleads Canadians about his new climate bill

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The 2045 target is supposed to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, also known as carbon neutrality.

But what happens if the government doesn’t achieve any of Trudeau’s targets?

Nothing. There’s no enforcement mechanism in the proposed legislation.

The only mandatory provisions are that if the government fails to meet its targets every five years from 2030 to 2045, it has to explain to Parliament and the public what it plans to do to achieve them.

What happens if it doesn’t achieve them? Again, nothing.

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The first target the Trudeau government is supposed to meet will be 10 years from now.

That means there are no “mandatory” targets for Trudeau’s current government, or any future government, from now until 2029.

The only thing we know about Trudeau’s new target for 2030 is that he has promised to “exceed” his current 2030 target.

His current 2030 target, based on his government’s latest data, is to reduce Canada’s industrial greenhouse gas emissions linked to human-induced climate change from 729 million tonnes annually (2018 figures) by 218 million tonnes.

To do that, Trudeau would have to shut down the equivalent of the annual emissions from Canada’s transportation sector, or its oil and gas sector, in 10 years, and he’d still come up short.

Now he’s promised a new 2030 target “exceeding” that.

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