GOLDSTEIN: UN climate report reveals goals of Trudeau's 'Great Reset'

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Governments, the UN says, “have a major role in setting the conditions under which lifestyle changes can occur, through shaping policy, regulations and infrastructure investments … necessary to bring about wider changes in the social, cultural, political and economic systems in which people live.”

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How? The UN is explicit:

“COVID-19 has provided insight into how rapid lifestyle changes can be brought about by governments … The lockdown period in many countries may be long enough to establish new, lasting routines if supported by longer term measures. In planning the recovery from COVID-19, governments have an opportunity to catalyse low-carbon lifestyle changes by disrupting entrenched practices.”

Governments can achieve these goals, the UN says, through taxation and other policies affecting fundamental decisions we make about our lives, from what we eat (preferably meatless, low-carbon diets), to how we travel (less by air, more by subsidized electric cars), to how we power our homes (with wind and solar energy, at least for “higher income” earners, given the costs) and much, much more.

That’s what Trudeau means by “The Great Reset.”

Canadians deserve the truth before deciding if they support it.

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