John Robson: This is our one-and-only shot, just like last time, and other COVID comms

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Now if flattening the curve was the goal, then all have won and all should have prizes because the first wave did not shatter the medical system. On the contrary, with a lot fewer COVID cases than predicted by infallible models based on settled science, hospitals have been quieter than usual. (Sure, people are having a lot more problems with non-COVID conditions but, since only one disease now matters, if you’re having a heart attack please fall down quietly.)

So we did as we were told and accomplished what we were meant to. Then we were told to stay in lockdown anyway because of a new crucial don’t-you-know-there’s-a-war-on goal. Namely to … uh … prevent a second wave?

Again, if you asked questions you were cut dead socially. But if it was to prevent a second wave, it could never work. The disease wasn’t being trapped and annihilated, just bottled up until, whenever the lockdowns eased, it would burst loose again. (And yes, I did tell you so. In this newspaper. On April 29. You’re welcome.)

In that column I quoted Doug Ford, the liberals’ new favourite conservative: “Let me be crystal clear: as long as this virus remains a threat to Ontario, we will continue to take every precaution necessary.” And I asked, “Necessary to what?”

We still don’t know. We know we’re at a tipping point, our Dunkirk, D-Day and moon landing all in one, because this generation has a rendezvous with destiny, or at least pomposity, and it showed up wearing a face mask. But I still want an answer.

If we make it now, what do we make? Are we unlocked? If we break it, does everybody die? Or is there no intellectual content, just more self-absorbed whatever is happening now must be the most important thing in the history of the universe because I am the centre of everything attitude?

If so, it’s no way to run a hospital.

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