Know them by their beard? But then a beard does not make a fakir or a saint

Now they say a man without a beard is like a lion without a mane, so the clean-shaven saint had better note that despite gobbling up children and romancers of different religions, he has less chances of attaining lionhood in this country than at least a white beard or a black beard.

On the other hand, I am beginning to believe, beard or no beard, it is quite easy to conceal one’s true disposition under a façade of sainthood and devotion to the nation or any other exemplary institution. That is why it is true that the looks or the clothes (or even the beard or a lack of it) can never make the man and you simply cannot judge a concealed black heart by the outward appearance of suave or charm or even a beautiful smile. Otherwise, the legendary actor Pran would have been a true villain instead of a man with a heart of gold and the so-called saint Asaram would not have been a paedophile as is now obvious.

And so, we must accept that the long-bearded men agitating in New Delhi against the new farm laws are truly farmers for they grow beards because they are mostly Sikhs and these beards are mostly white because they are probably over fifty years of age. But does a farmer have to have a typical look like an army general who quite concealed his Sanghi proclivities behind his clean-shaven look while heading the army?

Do we expect all farmers to be bare bodied, dhoti-clad, sweating, muddied individuals like some typical profiles painted by early Bollywood films? And I despair for the sorry levels of intellectual understanding in this country if every bearded man is described as a Khalistani (or even a fakir) and every farmer or activist a terrorist.

But now if the bearded men protesting against the farm laws are terrorists, what does that make certain black beards and white beards with history of blood and gore behind them riding on high horses today? And if you have to look like what you really are, how does one dress up black hearts to look what they really are or even Sanghis in olives posing as army generals or mighty patriots?

For patriots they are not, if they do not care for every citizen of this country, never mind the profession or religion, if they mix Chinese fructose in Indian honey and pass it off as a pure, desi delectable, if they steal from the poor to pay the rich, impoverishing them further, if they think a Tablighi Jamaat causes Coronavirus to spread and a Jagganath Yatra or Kanwarias do not … I could add many instances that would be endless.

Give me a Rabindranath Tagore  any day over a or a Jawaharlal Nehru over a General VK Singh. Oops! Did I get that upside down? They seem so mismatched!  Well, Jawaharlal Nehru over Yogi Adityanath, I think, and Rabindranath Tagore over Baba Ramdev. Heck, they still do not match any which way, beards or no beards.

I am highly confujed! Bahut confujed hoon mein!

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