'Leave NATO': Russian duo posing as Greta Thunberg prank Canadian Prime Minister Justin …

A notorious duo of Russian pranksters posed as teen climate activist Greta Thunberg to prank Canadian Prime Minister and asked him to leave NATO.

Trudeau sympathised with Thunberg about international affairs and world pioneers and promising to acquaint her with South Park’s Terrance and Phillip.  

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Pranksters Vovan and Lexus, whose real names are Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov, connected in a 10-minute call with Trudeau as fake Greta Thunberg in January, after a Ukrainian carrier was shot down in Iran. 

Trudeau attempted to guarantee counterfeit Greta that he was putting forth a valiant effort to “de-heighten” worldwide pressures following the carrier misfortune. “I’m requesting that you sway on [President Donald] Trump and NATO, so they will prompt the way that the future, however, the current will be taken from us,” counterfeit Greta said. 

Not fulfilled, counterfeit Greta answered: “You are grown-ups, however, you act like kids.” She proceeded to discuss an all the more adoring world, “where there is a spot for everybody – for whites and blacks, Christians and Muslims, for Trump and [President Vladimir] Putin, for you and me, for Boris Johnson … for Terrance and Phillip.” 

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The Terrance and Phillip reference was to the Canadian satire couple who star on the enlivened South Park show. Trudeau either missed or disregarded the reference and applauded counterfeit Greta for having “precisely the correct point of view.” He expressed gratitude toward her for visiting Canada a year ago and helping his gathering to win the political race by clarifying the should be “pondering youngsters.” 

“Be that as it may, leave NATO,” counterfeit Greta answered. “Drop your weapons. Pick blossoms. Grin at nature, live like a man.” 

Trudeau again offered a thoughtful ear, saying, “I additionally dream of a world in which warriors are redundant, but rather we don’t live in that world yet, shockingly, and it takes individuals to stand up against the individuals who might hurt blamelessness. However, I particularly value your enthusiastic words and think about in every case how we can utilize a wide range of ways to push toward the way to harmony.” 

“The primary charlatan is Trump since Mr. Trump is doing everything to slaughter us,” counterfeit Greta said. Trudeau brought up that he should work with “the world chiefs that others pick,” however added: 

I can surely comprehend that individuals can feel extremely, unequivocally about him. 

By then, counterfeit Greta welcomed Trudeau to join her exclusive hangout for “legislators, presidents, heads of government who uphold me thus, the world’s principles must be changed.” Trudeau said he would need to study the club and asked counterfeit Greta to send him a clarification. 

I imagine that would be something that I would take a gander at well. 

Counterfeit Greta additionally encouraged Trudeau to deal with her companion Prince Harry if and when he moved to Canada. The executive reacted that Harry is “totally one of the heroes” and said he anticipated investing energy with him. 

“However, I here and there believe that his significant other controls him,” counterfeit Greta said. Trudeau again attempted to comfort her, saying “there are confounded concessions and bargains” in each relationship and that Harry’s significant other, Megan Markle, “has consistently been exquisite when I’ve met her.” 

The wheels at last started to fall off when counterfeit Greta again raised Terrance and Phillip, asking Trudeau to acquaint her with them. 

I will request that my group sort out how we can associate you… I don’t have their immediate directions with me now. 

At the point when she again requested a presentation, he stated, “Pause, Terrance and Phillip, were they not in South Park?” Fake Greta answered that she didn’t have a clue, to which Trudeau stated, “I value your solicitation. I don’t by and by have any acquaintance with them. I accept they are South Park satires of Canadians.” 

Trudeau then expressed gratitude toward counterfeit Greta and immediately wrapped up the discussion, presumably beginning to speculate something by then, yet by and by saying he anticipated talking with her again soon. 

The Canadian PM’s office affirmed that the telephone discussion with counterfeit Greta to be sure occurred back in January, contending it was “not the principal trick call of a world chief,” and demanding that Trudeau “decided the call was phony and quickly finished it.” 

The YouTube video was the most recent scene in an arrangement that Vovan and Lexus calls “Stars Save the Earth.” The jokesters, acting like different characters, have likewise figured out how to trick such notable figures as Prince Harry, French President and US Senators Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Lindsey Graham.

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