Let our leaders be first with brand-new vaccine

The people who are so gung-ho and confident recommending the authorization of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine should be the first people to be inoculated along with their families. Prime Minister and his cabinet; Premier Doug Ford and his cabinet; premiers of all provinces in Canada and their cabinets; Dr. Theresa Tam, health professionals and Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin, who oversees the vaccine rollout; should be the first to get vaccinated.

All these people should be on television for the public to watch as needles squirt this vaccine into their bodies. This way they can show the public at large how confident they are.

In the last few months, this vaccine was manufactured for the very first time. How safe and effective is this rushed science? What guarantee is there that there are no short term or long-term side effects on our bodies and minds?

Speaking for myself, am I willing to take this vaccine? Not really. I sure would hate to find out if I’m one of those with allergies; what are the short term or lifetime repercussions? Is the formula natural or laden with synthetic chemicals? The idea of being injected with unknown ingredients doesn’t sound to appealing to me.

Lou Cesar, St. Catharines

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