Letters Aug. 15: Unpopular stance to take

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I completely agree with Postmedia’s withdrawal from the Alberta Legislative Press Gallery. Censorship has been growing in Canada at an unprecedented rate in the last decade (see Jordan Peterson). Universities have been censoring speakers, intellectuals are using calls of racism to silence anyone who doesn’t agree with their opinions. God forbid that you challenge the cause of climate change (lest you become a climate change denier). For the Alberta Legislative Press Gallery to refuse anyone access because they don’t agree with their opinion is the biggest form of censorship. What ever happened to the Freedom of the Press!
George Colgan

(It’s an unpopular stance to take.)


My present concern is not regarding the efficacy, or lack thereof, of the mask with regards to COVID. I am concerned about the ushering in of a new “Humanitarian Age of Safety.” The true deviousness of the humanitarian is their recent merging of science and morality. We know that moral justification does not derive from scientific legitimacy. Our health authorities say otherwise. If we do not wear a mask, they say we reject the science and are, therefore, immoral and selfish. I can plead, “I don’t want to wear a mask! I don’t fear COVID, I want to be free, and you (the government) have infringed on my rights to display the fundamental qualities of my individuality, dignity, and humanity.” But now that wearing a mask is determined to be moral because it is scientific, the experts will reply, “This is no longer a question of your rights. It is one of security for you and your fellow citizen.” Soon, the compassionate comrade will ensure that our refusal to wear a mask is not a crime, but a mental disease. And if such rebellion is a disease, it will be compulsory cured, no matter how difficult or painful.

(This is not new. In the early 20th century, during the Spanish Flu, Albertans were urged to wear masks and a large portion of the population did, to protect themselves and their fellow citizens. It worked.)


Wow, Jeffrey is a bit of a right wing bird, ain’t he, (Jeffrey Anderson “Yer left”)? I mean, sure, , the federal Libs, and the WE Charity are all deplorable jokes, but don’t paint all lefties with the same brush. Take our own Rachel Notley and the provincial NDP, not true lefties but definitely left of centre. They took a seriously macerated economy, caused in fact by 40 years of Conservative mismanagement and outright thievery, and turned it around, while still managing to take care of our vulnerable and incapacitated neighbours. Sure, there was economic struggles and job losses but that was because of the implosion of the oil industry, and even that happened long before the NDP came to power, how soon ye forget. We punted these arrogant, entitled crooks to the curb that year, they garnered two seats in that election. Albertans were fed up with their elitist, pocket stuffing, hand in the cookie jar, self righteous disregard for the average Joe, leaning instead towards their big business supporters while ensuring their financial engorging, and prosperity. Jeffrey needs to calm down a bit and examine all the facts, before slandering an entire community for his own amusement.

(By ‘not true lefties’ you obviously mean further left, right?)


Re: COVID masks made in Canada. Well, here we go again! Another Liberal government decision that reeks of stupidity and Quebec favouritism. The headline in the Sun read, ‘Quebec mask maker under fire’ is incorrect. Of course, it should have read that the Liberal government is under fire. And that stunned look on Industry Minister Navdeep Bains’ face says it all … we did nothing wrong, the company is a good Quebec company, I like this company, it’s a good deal for the stockholders of AMD Medicom and all of Quebec. Anyway, how could they award a $193-million contract to supply ‘made-in-Canada’ masks to a company that doesn’t even have a plant in Canada? And to make things worse, the Liberals award a second contract to the same Quebec company for $20 million to have masks shipped here from its foreign plants in places like China! And both contracts were awarded without any competing bids. This is so corrupt and sounds just like the SNC and WE scandals. How can this behaviour be stopped? An opposition MP from Edmonton didn’t give us much hope when he stated ‘this whole thing is so odd’. Ya think? We need another relentless and no-holds-barred investigation into this Quebec-based company that has inherently unhealthy ties with Trudeau and his band of inner-circle criminals. This dictatorial conduct has to end.

(It won’t end until those who put him in power realize what an awful choice they made.)


Re: Licia Corbella’s Lebanon holds warning about corruption in government. Ms. Corbella is correct in pointing out that corruption in any government can lead to catastrophic events. In Canada, the Trudeau government obviously feels it does not have to abide by regulations as others must do. With the stench of corruption surrounding the Trudeau government’s involvement in handing out hundreds of millions to the questionably run WE Charity, we get more questionable spending. The Trudeau government gave $84 million to a company in which Trudeau’s chief of staff Katie Telford’s husband Rob Silver is a senior member. Also this week, Trudeau is pouring hundreds of millions to bail our pot companies, many run by his Liberal friends. Surely, Canadians deserve better governance than we are getting from the Trudeau government, which seems more concerned helping its friends than hard-working Canadians!

(Are Canadians even paying attention?)

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