Letters, Aug. 29: 'Singh will be there to help troubled Trudeau'

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The Calgary Flames have finally given me the chance to complete the annual ‘You Be The Boss’ survey during the summer. Yahoo! Unfortunately, the result is really no different from any other season. Since the Stanley Cup win in 1989, only twice have the Flames managed to get beyond the first round of the playoffs. Simply put, it’s three decades of missing the playoffs or losing in the first round. Brad Treliving has been here since 2014, and has given the core an unheard-of amount of loyalty, while bobbling the rotating carousel of coaches and goalies. Most GMs get a crack at three coaches maximum before the GM himself must fall on the sword. Not the case here. Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan debuted during the 2013-14 season, Sam Bennett in 2014-15, and Mikael Backlund way back in 2008-09. It’s time that at least a couple of them experience NHL life outside of Calgary. The post-Iginla core has proven to be no different than virtually any other Flames core — no post-season success with no shot at the draft lottery. The hunger to win isn’t there during the playoffs. Mercifully, the newer emerging core seems famished and ready to feast. Matthew Tkachuk, Rasmus Andersson, Andrew Mangiapane and Dillon Dube, to name a few. It’s time to cut the losses, starting with Treliving. Otherwise it’s insanity, no?
(Nothing worse than mediocrity.)

I am saddened about the multiple cat deaths in southwest Calgary. Thankfully, it isn’t some person doing it. Calgarians are fortunate to live with plenty of green space. With this privilege, Calgarians need to be reminded that this comes with wildlife. Some are large, like the moose. Others are small, like squirrels. There are also ones that have the ability to eviscerate small pets. Realize your pet is food to them. They think nothing other than “yum yum yum”. Calgarians, please stop letting your cats out to roam at free will! I understand sometimes the cat will run out. Purposely letting it outside is negligence. Don’t be surprised if they get eaten. I don’t say that to be insensitive, however what does one expect? Besides other animals, there are other ways your cat can get hurt outside. My parents’ neighbourhood sadly has plenty of missing cat posters, as there are predators everywhere. They never let their cats out, and surprise they don’t get eaten/hurt. When animal welfare agencies even urge people not to let cats outside, there must be a reason for it. As much as I’m sure Calgarians love their cat(s), they are doing it a disservice letting it outside. I am certain you will shorten its lifespan. People’s cats also kill small birds and poop in people’s flower beds. Just a general nuisance. While most people love cats, they don’t need random neighbour cats prowling the neighbourhood and attracting predators. Cats need to be kept inside.
(Listen up, cat owners.)

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