Letters, Aug. 30: 'We are confident sending our kids back to school'

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I would suggest that the Alberta government give these hysterical protesters the obvious answer. The schools we have are the schools we have. They will be re-opening as scheduled. If you don’t like it, keep your kids at home and figure it out for yourself. It is not possible to build, rent or lease sufficient space to reduce class sizes to 15 kids. It is not going to happen, nor should it. It is not possible to hire thousands of teachers to facilitate this massive reduction in class sizes. That too is not going to happen. If you want to protest, knock your socks off. Instead, why not try using some common sense instead getting all bent out of shape by your union leader, and the NDP. Even if we were able to do this, it would likely require that your little darlings take a bus to these new classrooms. I’m sure that would result in more protests. Protesting for the sake of protesting solves nothing. On another note, why do teachers need more time to prepare classrooms? What have they been doing for the last several months during their well-paid, taxpayer-funded, extended vacations. Maybe they should have done some planning during this time. But that too would require some basic common sense. Much easier to protest, I guess!
(People are free to protest. Some people would rather just get on with making the necessary changes.)

The city is broke and always can be counted on for Coun. Druh Farrell to suggest a plan to change Chinatown that will no doubt effect businesses on 3 Ave. It will hurt them, that is no doubt, either. I have driven down to have dim sum at Silver Dragon and not found a parking space and left for northeast Calgary to eat. Not as good as Silver Dragon. Traffic down this road is slow going already, but no, put in some traffic-calming fixtures and it won’t move at all because these businesses need their delivery trucks out-bound and in-bound. The business association doesn’t want it, but Druh and city know better, right? Keep your nose out of someone else’s business, Druh. I would take a few months to complete, further hurting businesses, costing taxpayers more money that we don’t have. Ask 17 Ave. S.E., the idea is wrong and it costs big money. Try cutting the grass on city property, reducing or eliminating bin charges for homeowners and fixing pot holes … all of which you can’t do anyway because it is not as fun as messing up business owners and residents. I live in Midnapore and they put these same measures in place for (safety) and within the first month, we had our first fatality in 28 years. Bikes and scooters shouldn’t be using this area with the river pathway one block north anyway. Merchants will leave the area and move, leaving another derelict area.
(Another non-pressing issue for council to wrangle over?)

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