Letters: Moose hazard; questionable journalism; grading Trudeau

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So, before we half to put up more flowers along this stretch of road, please, Mayor Brian Bigger, look after the 20,000-plus residents of the Valley.

You took us over, so now look after us just like the people downtown.

Reg Harrison


Column on Killarney murder disrespectful

I would like to say I found the article that was in the Sudbury Star on Dec. 10 (“Killarney Murder Anything but Usual,” written by Brad Hunter) very offensive.

He lacked respect for the police officers by continually referring to them as cops and not by their professional designation, as well as disrespected the family of the deceased and of the accused, Melissa Sheridan. He wrote with derision about her work and her accomplishments in Sudbury.

This is an extremely difficult time for the family of all parties and they should not be subjected such a disrespectful article about their family members.

Mr Hunter‘s writing style makes you think of the old-style crime reporters from the movies of the 1940s. Journalism has come a long ways from that style of reporting.

I was surprised that you would allow that type of article to be posted in The Sudbury Star.

You have some excellent journalists, please don’t let their professionalism be marred by this style of reporting.

Louise Glover


Trudeau not up to the job as PM

Prime Minister leaves a lot to be desired in my humble opinion because of the way he handles our tax dollars.

Spend, spend, spend, spend and spend some more. It never seems to end.

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