Letters Nov. 18: Trudeau a commie tyrant in the making

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(As Lorne Gunter points out, the total lockdown cure would be worse than the disease.)


Hey there folks at the Sun, don’t be too quick to discount Richard Asp’s letter (Nov. 17) linking you to the left. Many of the articles you use and almost all U.S.A. political articles in your paper come from the Washington Post and Reuters. Two of the most far left, Trump-hating organizations on the planet. The only other organization that is worse in the New York Times. Oh yeah, you support them too by printing their crossword. It’s always puzzled me that with so many options you choose three of the leading left-wing group of haters to give us “objective “ news.


(If you spot any incorrect information in those articles, let us know. And for real crossword fans, the NYT puzzle is one of the best in the biz.)


Does Mr. Asp seriously believe his own words? Is he on the re-elect Trump legal team? How could you be so ignorant of reality? Maybe he should drive south and join the truth deniers in the US. How did things in our society devolve to a place where truth and reality are what you want them to be? We need to move past shameful point in our history.


(As Canadians, we should just let the US sort out its own election.)


RE: Density Problems (Letters, Nov. 17). I’m from Jasper and have moved to Jasper Avenue and 95 Street. I see completely the density problem possibility. Edmonton has tried hard to have smaller but still nice community areas that are safe. Whyte or Jasper Avenue both have nightclub or casual lounge areas, but schools and playgrounds are planned fairly well with the right distances. Edmonton is a vibrant city and it has denser areas, but smaller towns are close by for anyone who feels too crowded.


(All cities go through growing pains, but many successful metropolises have areas that retain the small-town feel.)

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