Letters, Oct. 17: 'Why is Kenney only cutting his staff salaries?'

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You should rename your paper and call it the conservative rag.
(Thanks, we’ll keep that it mind. And you have yourself a wonderful day, Flo.)


Yo, Gil McGowan, how dare you presume to speak for regular Albertans. You don’t represent any and you’ve never been one. The AFL is basically an elitist organization controlled by public sector workers who are in turn Canada’s de facto royalty. They pull in a thousand bucks to a regular Albertan’s one. Think we don’t know it? You’re the Grand Wazoo to the Canadian Sun Kings. Take your crapola list and shove it. In fact, I’d encourage all who are on said list to engage lawyers who are so nasty they can’t even stand themselves and sue you and your snotnose organization. Last I heard, beakin’ off private information was a crime. I’d also like to point out to your boss, the Teamsters, that you’ve likely destroyed all the goodwill in this province that they’ve been trying to establish for the last two decades. Funny how this whole clownshow reminds me of an old Tarantino movie where Ms. Uma Thurman got to chew up the scenery. Where’s the Bride when you need her?
(And how do you really feel, Guy?)

It really does not make too much sense to impose a provincial sales tax on Alberta, and still continue with equalization payments to Ottawa. Exactly like taxing Albertans to guarantee Ottawa receives our Alberta money. The revenue a provincial sales tax would generate can be calculated, then demand that amount, either from Ottawa directly, or subtracted from the equalization money the East takes from Alberta. Time for our elected politicians to play real hardball and not be so nice. Be aggressive and demanding, the time for subtle talk is over! Alberta is no longer a “have” province and it is very wrong of the federal government to still see Alberta that way, while at the same time viewing Quebec as a “have-not” province. It is more about politics, votes, and vote potential than actual smart, fair and proper/good leadership. Western Canada is in the same boat as Alberta, or somewhere close behind, and all are “circling the drain.” Wexit is the result. Our elected provincial leadership may not be in favour of Wexit today but as the failures to have Ottawa listen, the repeated “door slammed in their face”, the rejections, the multiple ignores for help and support, the repeated attacks on the West, and of course, the expectation to keep up the $19-billion payments to Ottawa with a struggling economy, downturned, broke and desperate province. Soon the scale will tip and a much different view/opinion of Ottawa will evolve, and ties/expectations (if there ever were any) dwindle.
(We have little faith in the federal government doing anything but trying to totally shutter the oilsands.)

As people reflected on what would have been John Lennon’s 80th birthday last week, would his controversial and challenging observations and lyrics be allowed in this politically correct world we now inhabit?
(Surely he’d fit right in with the left.)

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