Letters to the Editor for Tuesday

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Congratulations to Erin O’Toole, our next PM. A mature man, a straight talker and an Air Force vet. By God there is hope for this country and it will be one heck of a St. Patrick’s Day party next March.
Ian MacKenzie
(That is just the type of optimism the conservative party needs in order to win the next election)

Congratulations to Erin O’Toole on winning the Conservative leadership contest. The first thing he needs to do is attach Lorrie Goldstein’s outstanding column (“Freeland touts the myths of green energy,” Aug. 20) to his and the Conservatives’ website. This information has to go Canada wide, as there are still far too many people in this land believing in the fairy-tale of windmills and solar power. He must also immediately engage Chrystia Freeland on her comments about the same topic last week and her plans for the Canadian economy, and demand that she articulates what she knows, or doesn’t know, and what exactly she plans to do. O’Toole has been living in Ontario for a long time and he knows that the same people who were advising Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne on green energy are the same people now whispering in ’s ears, none other than Gerald Butts, who we all know has never really gone away, and Katie Telford. O’Toole needs to take a page out of the Liberals’ playbook by defining them for the fools that they are before they have a chance to start their attack ads on him. In this case, a good defence is a truthful and hard-hitting offence. The rest of Canada needs to know what these people did, negatively, to our once nation-leading Ontario economy and how they now want to do the same for all other provinces, damn the consequences. Freeland is getting a lot of good press lately, who knows if she’ll be a decent finance minister. However, if she really does believe what she and her cronies are spouting in the PMO, maybe she’s just another enabler to the PM’s ridiculous lack of real-world experience and fantasy and how it will ultimately take its toll on all of us.
Robert Mason
(Most Canadians understand that we all need to do our part with respect to the environment, but that has a very different meaning for Trudeau’s Liberals)

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