Letters to the Editor, July 30

A lengthy exercise in deflection, obfuscation, denial and self-aggrandizement by Marc and Craig Kielburger. Questioners were kept on a short timeline leash, had their time squandered by having to listen to the brothers’ lengthy flowery speeches, thus leaving questions mostly unanswered. Bloc MP Rheal Fortin was even subjected to a (painful to listen to) screw-up of his French translation. What a cool template for PM Trudeau’s testimony come Thursday. Quo vadis, Canada?

Erika Lorincz


(We could be marching towards a public inquiry)


As a grandparent, I want nothing but the best for and an education for my grandkids so they may have a knowledgeable and productive future and enjoy the memories of life-long friends which school can bring! However, I don’t believe that they should be going back to school when the federal Parliament hasn’t even deemed it safe enough for those self-serving people to go back to work (Liberals), so why use my grandkids and yours and our children as guinea pigs? When our so-called leaders feel it is safe for their delicate, privileged selves to go back to work, schools should only open then!

Rob Manion

Blenheim, Ont.

(Almost all of the experts are telling the education minister to send kids back to school. Until there is a vaccine, there is no perfect solution – for anyone)


The pursuit of justice can be noble, but fruitless. To put an investigation on the Liberals’ involvement in the WE scandal is a waste of time and taxpayers’ money. We should know by now that and his gang are untouchable. We’ve seen it with Lavscam, Mark Norman, Blackface, and the list goes on and on. What we are looking at is a complete vindication for Trudeau and him being smug about it, and possibly a third-term majority. Let’s face it, we can’t win. Buying people off with CERB can do wonders for one’s political career.

Mark Poitras

St. Catharines

(Canadians will have their chance to hold him accountable for yet another scandal. But with the amount of taxpayers’ money his Liberal government has been handing out, they are banking on that at the polls)


Re “Tory front-runner says defunding plans cut from CBC segment” (Mark Bonokoski, July 28): Please don’t assume that all Conservatives who are eligible to vote for the next leader of the party will rank all four candidates. When I fill in my ballot, it will be for only one selection. No one other than the candidate I prefer will get any points simply because their name is on the ballot. ‘A ballot is valid if at least one candidate is selected’ is clearly stated on the form. I hope everyone voting knows this. Fill in one to all four rankings but if only one candidate fits with your wishes for the party, then keep it true and mark only your choice for No. 1!

Lori Crank


(Most party members will know that)


We in the West are wondering if the Liberal voters in the east are awake yet, or still asleep like they have been for the last five years?

Weldon Morrison

Rocky View County, Alta.

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