Letters to The Sun, Oct. 20, 2020: Trudeau is trying to buy votes with his immigration plan

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This scheme is nothing more than a greasy, cynical attempt to buy votes in the immigrant communities.

South of the border, is often criticized for pandering to his electoral base at everyone else’s expense. is doing exactly the same thing here. Between Trump and Trudeau, can anybody tell the difference anymore?

Joseph W Hind, North Vancouver

Stop discriminating

My partner noticed something odd when they opened their mail-in ballot package for the upcoming B.C. provincial election.

The “year of birth” field had the first two digits already filled in: 19.

The voting age in Canada is 18. Anyone born between Jan. 1, 2000 and Oct. 24, 2002 was born in the 21st century and is now eligible to vote in this election. That’s nearly three full years of mature, legally eligible citizens discriminated against and ignored by the form.

Can we please stop treating millennials and gen Z like entitled children?

Marissa Fischer, Vancouver

Cancel Halloween

Ottawa has just cancelled Halloween to reduce spread of COVID-19. When will other municipalities wake up and take this pandemic seriously?

Surely discouraging people from risking their lives, and the lives of others, for free candy is a no-brainer. Considering all the other steps we are taking to fight this pandemic why is Halloween sacrosanct?

For officials to turn a blind eye to all the risks Halloween presents sends the wrong message to society, and especially children.

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