LILLEY: What is Trudeau hiding in the WE scandal?

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Shutting down Parliament and stopping those committees was always about saving Trudeau’s political bacon, the release of documents nothing but a distraction as he slammed the door shut.

With the committees no longer meeting, other documents that had been requested or demanded by the committee were put into limbo. Now some, including WE Charity, are simply saying they don’t need to release documents they had promised to Members of Parliament.

On Sunday, Conservative MPs Pierre Poilievre and Michael Barrett released a letter they had sent to WE asking them to still make the documents they had promised available. WE founders Craig and Marc Kielburger had made numerous promises to forward documents and details to the committee when they appeared on July 28.

Their staff made similar commitments in August but nothing was forwarded before Parliament was shuttered on Aug. 18.

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“However, given you both expressed your desire to provide Members of Parliament with the information required, we urge you to not wait for the House of Commons to return in September,” Poilievre and Barrett wrote.

The MPs noted they are interested in reviewing the material and that the committee will pursue the matter when Parliament resumes. The response from WE — as provided toCanadian Press through WE’s lawyer William McDowell — is a definitive no to the MPs.

“Mr. Poilievre’s letter amounts to politics, not proper process,” McDowell said. “The committees ceased to exist with the prorogation of Parliament. There is no committee to receive the documents.”

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