Lobby Wrap: WE Charity reports mid-June contacts with government

More than a month after retroactively submitting close to 100 communications it had with senior officials into the Registry of Lobbyists, WE Charity added another handful of reports showing contacts it had with the federal government just days before Prime Minister awarded the company the right to facilitate the Canada Student Service Grant.

In its latest filings in the lobbying registry, WE Charity showed it had a series of correspondence with top Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and Canadian Heritage officials between June 4 and June 19. Trudeau announced on June 25 that WE Charity would be responsible for overseeing the dispersal of funds worth up to nearly $1 billion.

The deal with WE — quite infamously — fell apart in the weeks that followed after questionably-close ties between top members of the Liberal government, including Trudeau and his former finance minister Bill Morneau, were publicized.

Morneau has since left his job, WE Charity has announced the shuttering of its Canadian operations, and Parliament has been reset in a move that brought an end to several House of Commons committee investigations into the controversy.

LAST WEEK: Ag and industry hot topics in busy week for registrations 

Meanwhile, several client organizations had multiple registrations. Husteel, First Majestic Silver Corp, Ancillare LP and Yellowknives Dene First Nation and Owens Corning LLC all had three each. Scène Éthique, O2 Industries Inc, Hotel Association of Canada, CSA Group and Canexia Health each had two.

StrategyCorp Inc. led all lobby firms with eight registrations. Earnscliffe Strategy Group followed with six. Then came TACTIX Government Relations with four, Crestview Strategy with three, and National Public Relations, Global Public Affairs and TACT Intelligence-Counsel with two apiece.

Earnscliffe’s Sarah Goldfeder, TACTIX’s Philip Baldwin and Howard Mains, and NATIONAL’s Marc Desmarais each had two registrations each.

The highlights

In recent industry registrations:

Voice over internet protocol company Iris Technologies Inc. has enlisted Brian Macdonald of Samuel Associates to speak to the government about the company’s interest in the spectrum auction process for telecommunications services.

Luxembourg-based telecommunications company SES S.A. was registered by Jeff Smith of Longview Communications and Public Affairs to discuss C-band spectrum policy decisions with government.

Members of the CSA Group’s board of directors have registered the company to engage with government on the CSA’s growth and presence in China and other Asian countries.

Nisus Corporation — a pest control company based in the United States — has been registered by Huw Williams of Impact Public Affairs to discuss regulatory approval for Copper Naphthenate as a wood preservative and engage with government institutions regarding the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.

Washington, D.C.-based roofing and insulation company Owens Corning LLC has enlisted the help of the TACTIX pair of Baldwin and Mains to engage with government on regulations related to the depletion of the ozone.

Three Earnscliffe lobbyists have registered for Husteel — a Korean steel company — to discuss the company’s potential contributions to the Canadian natural resource sector and energy industry.

Others include: First Majestic Silver Corp, Derf Jerky, S.C. Johnson et Fils Limitée, Hotel Association of Canada, Octasic, Aphria Inc.

In recent health registrations:

Here’s who registered for COVID-19-related purposes: Ancillare LP was registered by three lobbyists in pursuit of a Health Canada review of medical devices; InkSmith, Dorma Filtration and Prescientx registered for the purpose of producing personal protective equipment; O2 Industries Inc. is looking to produce respirators.

The Canadian Forum for Rare Disease Innovators (also known as RAREi) was registered to engage on a number of topics, including reimbursements through federally-funded drug plans.

Working through in-house lobbyists, Earlscourt-Creche Child Development Institute is looking for federal funding for a child mental health and crime prevention model program.

Canexia Health also registered to discuss cancer testing innovation.

In recent sports registrations:

Friends of Victoria Basketball has enlisted the services of Global Public Affairs’ Andrea Beltran to try and secure funding from Sport Canada to hold a FIBA Qualifying Tournament in Victoria.

Other clients: Canadian Ski Council, Hockey Canada.

In recent Indigenous registrations:

Yellowknives Dene First Nation tapped TACTIX’s Baldwin and Mains to help it discuss remediation procurement and compensation for the impact of Giant Mine.

Wanda Corston Legal Professional Corporation has been registered by Leith Coghlin of EnPointe Development Incorporated to engage with government regarding a contestation of a Final Settlement Agreement between the Government of Canada and the Kettle Point and Stony Point First Nations on the Ipperwash Settlement. The Chippewas of River Aux Sable First Nation are contesting the agreement.

Five Nations Energy Inc. has enlisted Robert Manseau of Commerce Management Group to seek a grant for the development of a fibre supply strategy for coastal communities in James Bay.

In recent arts/culture/copyright registrations:

Scène Éthique is looking to rent spaces to government clients, enlisting Julien Nepveu-Villeneuve of TACT Intelligence-Conseil to lobby for them.

Adria Minsky of Maple Leaf Strategies has registered for NBCUniversal, to discuss how COVID-19 has impacted the film and television industry.

Quebec Moonfall Productions registered to discuss travel and quarantine requirements for filming.

Festival Bach Montréal registered to seek an increase in their funding.

Of note:

The Canadian Real Estate Association has been registered by Patrick Osland to discuss with the government the reporting requirements under the Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing Act. It listed other topics, too, including taxation issues, the National Housing Strategy and greenhouse gas emissions policies for residential real estate.

BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited to discuss with Finance Canada a proposed legislative amendment to the Income Tax Act.

Communications reports

There were a total of 109 communications reports last week.

Most active client organizations:

  • WE Charity: 25 communications, in-house staff
  • Canadian Hatching Egg Producers: 11 communications, in-house staff
  • Sanofi Pasteur Limited: seven communications, in-house staff
  • Canadian Canola Growers Association: seven communications, in-house staff
  • ACTUA: six communications, in-house staff and paid lobbyist

Most active paid lobbyists:

  • Bruno Leblanc for four clients, 20 communications
  • Velma McColl for one client, five communications
  • Justin Burrows for one client, five communications
  • Jason Clark for two clients, five communications
  • Robin MacLachlan for one client, four communications

Most lobbied public office holders:

  • Anson Duran, regional adviser for Quebec in the Prime Minister’s Office, seven
  • Rachel Wernick, senior assistant deputy minister of ESDC, six
  • Marilla McCargar, director of policy and cabinet affairs at PCH, six
  • Jamie Kippen, chief of staff to the minister of diversity and inclusion and youth, five
  • Dilys Fernandes, director of operations to the minister of diversity and inclusion and youth, five
  • Anthony Laporte, senior policy adviser to the minister of public services and procurement Canada, five

Most lobbied government institutions:

  • House of Commons, 36
  • Canadian Heritage, 32
  • ESDC, 13
  • Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), 12
  • Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), 11

Most lobbied subject matters:

  • Employment and training, 33
  • Economic development, 30
  • Agriculture, 18
  • Education, 10
  • Government procurement, 8
  • Budget, 8

With files from Marguerite Marlin

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