MALCOLM: Lessons to be learned from Liberal pandemic contracts

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It turns out the sordid WE charity scandal is just the tip of the iceberg.

We learned this week that the Trudeau government handed out a $113 million sole-sourced contract to produce medical masks to a Quebec firm, despite the fact that firm had no manufacturing facilities in Canada.

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According to Blacklock’s Reporter, an independent news agency based in Ottawa, government records show that cabinet approved the sweetheart deal with AMD Medicom on March 20, 2020, just nine days after the pandemic was declared.

Trudeau even boasted about the “made-in-Canada” solutions his government was funding.

“Canadian companies are answering the call to protect our health-care professionals with made-in-Canada solutions,” said Trudeau at the time. Oops.

It turns out that AMD Medicom was given $113 million from the Trudeau government and another $4 million from the Quebec government, despite the fact that it closed its last Canadian factory in 2019. Instead it offshores mask production to its factories in China, Taiwan, the U.S. and France.

Not only did Trudeau award this contract without sending notice to competitors, the Quebec firm then turned around to hire none other than SNC-Lavalin as its contractor for the deal.

Must be nice to have friends in Liberal places.

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While the WE charity and AMD Medicom are just two of the many head-scratching deals awarded by Trudeau, his government is doing everything in its power to protect other crony contracts from public scrutiny.

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