Ontario's return to school provides the perfect conditions for COVID-19 to flourish

Parents brace for stressed-out September, Aug. 21

Premier Doug Ford said last Thursday “nothing is more important right now than making sure that we have a safe environment for the kids going back to school.” For months, Ford and his team of experts have taught us three rules: wash your hands, wear a mask and maintain a social distance of two metres.

In regard to rules 1 and 2, does the province know that all schools on opening day will have the appropriate personal protective equipment? If not, does the school close?

In regard to the third rule, the hard one, Education Minister Stephen Lecce changed the distance from two metres to one in elementary schools.

Prime Minister , when asked about sending his children to school, said, “We’re looking at class sizes. We’re looking at how the kids are feeling about wearing masks.”

Trudeau understands the relationship between class size, distancing and COVID-19. Ford and Lecce seem to have forgotten their own rules. The result is a cluster of students in a closed space in which there is next to no air circulation.

Perfect conditions for COVID-19.

Douglas Clarke, Toronto

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