Time to elect the wise men

Dear Editor,

I feel there must be a better method to choose our elected “leaders” in future elections.

I don’t necessarily mean an IQ test of some sort, as most if not all candidates would pass that test no matter what party they hope to represent. No, I mean a “common sense” type of test many of our elected politicians seem to be lacking in.

Many of them are so politically correct, and worried about being labeled a racist, or guilty of having some type of phobia, that they lose all sense of reason in their mad dash to show just how virtuous they are.

The latest “incident” in this area, the GTA, of some Hangman nooses found at five construction sites has those of all political stripes braying to the media how horrendous this brazen act was. It surely must be a “hate crime,” stop everything else the police are investigating and zero in on the crime of the century.

They never think to question anybody in the industry first to see if this type of rope knot has any other purpose in the construction industry, just to get that off of the table first. Like the similar rope knot used at NASCAR in Bubba’s garage, to open the garage door! It had been there for well over a year, long before Bubba, a well-known and respected black driver, began using this garage. It caused a big uproar over nothing, but the usual suspects, simple minded politicians, rushed in like the old Elvis tune said, “Fools rush in” where wise men never tread.

Why do we seem to always elect the fools, not the wise men?

It brings to mind the Jesse Smollet “incident” in Chicago some time ago that was found to be a total hoax perpetrated by Smollet to raise his stature and gain more notoriety, and hopefully income from his TV gig. That, again, was another noose hoax, but CNN and many politicians were aghast at the poor man suffering at the hands of those mean old racists, especially when he said they were wearing a MAGA hat! Well it just had to be true then, if they were Trump supporters! Of course! In fact, he hired them to act out this “hate crime.” Another hoax as many have proven to be.

This latest noose news item is probably a rope knot used in construction or, another hoax, and the perpetrator of this one is probably laughing his ass off at the predictable, nonsensical reaction by our politically correct, simple-minded politicians when questioned by the media concerning any incidents of this type.

The clowns we elect and pay a handsome salary to are only too quick to criticize us as racist, ignorant peons that could not survive without their tutelage, and I for one have had enough of it. Try telling me that the next time any of you call asking for my support before the next election provincially, or federally, like you all have been doing now for months in this Conservative leadership race.

I am tired of being lectured by the likes of pea brained, blackface, take a knee, , who only got elected because of his family name, or Doug Ford, who just passed a dictatorial law two weeks ago that he blamed Trudeau for attempting to do the same thing earlier.

It gives him supreme power for the next year to shut down our economy again on his say so only because of the COVID-19 scamdemic.

The cure has been more severe than the disease, yet many in power hate to give up this feeling of complete control over us peons.

As the old cliché goes, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

A pox on all their houses. Those in power have lost me as a supporter at the polls or financially.

The Conservative party rules from the top down just like the crooked Liberals. The ones that should be on the ballot are removed by the back room boys. Until that changes, they will get no respect from me, nor one penny more.

Russ Horner

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