Toronto to go into lockdown

Canada is having a spike in coronavirus infections. Its largest city, Toronto, will go into lockdown on Monday.

According to Johns Hopkins University in the United States, Canada began showing a clear uptick in infections in October. The daily tally has reached around 5,000 in recent days.

Prime Minister said on Friday that the country is at risk of seeing caseloads go up, hospitals get overwhelmed, and more loved ones dying. He urged Canadians to cancel parties and group dining, and stay at home.

In Toronto, the rate of those testing positive for the virus topped six percent on average in the week up to November 14.

Under the city’s lockdown measures, stores will be closed except for those selling daily necessities. Restaurants and bars will only offer takeout and deliveries.

The premier of Ontario, which includes Toronto, warned that the situation is extremely serious. He said action is required to avoid the worst case scenario.

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