WE Charity investigation reveals Liberals' ulterior motives: NDP leader

BURNABY (NEWS 1130) — Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says the parliamentary investigation into the WE Charity scandal is revealing ulterior motives of the Liberal government.

Both the House of Commons finance committee and ethics committee are doing separate investigations into Ottawa’s now-cancelled deal with the organization to run a student-volunteer program.

It was to provide grants to students and graduates for volunteering if they couldn’t find work this summer due to the pandemic-related economic slowdown, but Singh says that was just a cover up.

“What the evidence that’s coming forward in committee is making really clear is that this was nver about helping students. Instead of helping students, this was about helping close friends of hte Liberal government and Prime Minister Trudeau,” he added.


“And that is deeply troubling. A prime minister should work for people, should work for Canadians, should not be working in the interest of enriching his or her family or his or her close friends.”

The families of both Prime Minister and Finance Minister Bill Morneau have close ties to the WE Charity.

The ethics committee is seeking documents on the speaking fees the charity paid to Trudeau’s immediate family, which amount to some $300,000 plus expenses.

Opposition MPs, who outnumber Liberals, have used their numbers to ask Trudeau to testify before the ethics committee.

Trudeau is set to testify Friday at the House of Commons finance committee about the events that led to his cabinet’s asking WE Charity to oversee a program that provides grants to students and graduates.

The ethics committee met separately to look into the conflict-of-interest safeguards around government spending decisions.

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