Where does Justin Trudeau live and what is his salary?

Justin trudeau He is one of the most popular and beloved politicians in the world due to his charisma, ability to lead the government of Canada correctly, liberal personality, among many other things.

Since taking over the post in 2015, the prime minister has given his country a fresh air through his progressive ideals that watch over individual rights and freedoms, the legalization of abortion and marijuana; of gender equality, environmental conservation and for the recognition of the rights of the LGBTTIQ collective.

Even these ideals have led him to change the official residence, which is assigned to any Prime Minister, to a ‘smaller’ and simpler house located near the home of the governor general, on land of Rideau hall with the aim of saving money.

Where does live?

Typically, Prime Ministers of Canada move at 24 Sussex Drive, Ottawa when they take possession; however, Trudeau made it clear that he would not live on the property again when he began his tenure.

It should be noted that Justin lived much of his childhood in 24 Sussex when his father, Pierre Trudeau, he was prime minister.

This is due to the fact that the house is so old that it currently needs extensive renovations related to safety valued at the $ 10 million Canadian dollars.

None of the tenants who have received this house in recent years have wanted to invest in the renovations since they are expenses that should be covered by political capital, financed by taxpayers.

“That is one of the reasons why that house has collapsed since I lived there, is that no prime minister wants to spend a penny of taxpayer dollars on the maintenance of that house,” said at the time the leader.

Rideau Cottage

Instead, the trudeau family lives in a 22-room, two-level house known as Rideau Cottage. Usually this house is occupied by the secretary to the governor general.

The villa was built in 1867 in a classic Georgian design, with symmetrical sash windows, paired fireplaces and a gabled porch.

Before Trudeau took over as prime minister, his home was reportedly a light and uncluttered space, with comfortable and familiar couches, a refrigerator with pictures attached with magnets and simple curtains. Apparently this villa responds to the tastes of the family.

According to Refinery29, the Prime Minister’s family receives their food cooked by Chef Che Chartrand at 24 Sussex via a employed messenger and paid for by the family.

24 Sussex Drive

24 Sussex is a historic building 35-room house built in 1868 on four acres of land on the Ottawa River.

Its four floors are made of limestone and it has an elevator inside that connects with the rooms, as well as an oval staircase.

When Trudeau, his parents and siblings lived in the official residence, they maintained an atmosphere similar to that preferred by the prime minister today, with little furniture, simple decoration, potted plants in the hallways and family paintings.

The public rooms were elegant and classical but not ostentatious salons, decorated with sculpted ceilings, modest chandeliers, and suites with upholstered furniture.

However, Justin’s mother, Margaret, at one point said that the residence never felt like home and that he had many structure failures and safety, such as leaks, as well as various drafts.

Rather than receive modifications, Trudeau Sr. added a basement pool and his successor to the mansion Brian mulroney it enhanced the appeal and added elegance to the interiors without major modifications.

How much does earn?

His salary is divided into two items, he receives $ 178,900 Canadian as prime minister and $ 178,900 as a member of the Papineau parliament, for a total of $ 357,800 a year.

In addition to this salary, receives an annual automobile allowance of $ 2,000.

From his earnings as a public servant, according to Refinery, come payments to his personal employees such as the chef, a nanny for his three children and the messenger; approximately each earns $ 40,000.

The Richest estimates that the prime minister has a fortune valued in the $ 10 million Canadian Obtained, in part, from his current position in government, from an inheritance that was valued in 2013 at $ 1.2 million and received from his grandfather Pierre Elliot, as a teacher at West Point Gray Academy in Vancouver and Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School , as deputy and lecturer.

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