China copies the cotton slave trade

We’ve discovered the inspiration for part of China’s economic development program: the old U.S. slave trade.

As the BBC reported on Monday, Chinese officials are forcing hundreds of thousands of Uighur Muslims into cotton harvesting. It’s just another element of China’s ethnocidal campaign against the population of its far northwestern Xinjiang province. Despising Uighur Muslims for their values outside of the Communist Party orthodoxy, ’s minions have spent the past decade throwing millions of their fellow citizens into reeducation camps, sterilizing tens of thousands more, and then using these innocent people as semi-slave labor.

The newly reported information was discovered by the researcher Dr. Adrian Zenz but has been corroborated by the BBC. And even by the Chinese Communist Party’s capacity for evil, the scale of this cotton servitude is astonishing. The BBC notes how “the new evidence suggests that upwards of half a million minority workers a year are also being marshaled into seasonal cotton picking under conditions that again appear to raise a high risk of coercion.”

This is vintage British-BBC understatement.

Still, Beijing is again squealing that Zenz’s research is all a pack of lies. Responding to the new reports on Tuesday, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson claimed that the litany of satellite photos, witness testimonies, and video recordings of its vast concentration camp network are fake news. In fact, the spokesperson claimed, these facilities are “all civil institutions. For instance, the so-called ‘detention centers’ in Tulufan are actually the buildings of the local administrative offices, and the ‘detention centers’ in Kashi are actually local high school campuses.”

Communists like administration offices, but even by the Foreign Ministry’s rabid standards, this is a laughable excuse. Or, at least, it would be were the story behind the walls not so tragic.

Unfortunately for Beijing, its own documents prove the truth. The BBC references one document that shows how this year alone, authorities in the Aksu prefecture “identified a need for 142,700 workers for its own fields, which was largely met through the principle of transferring all those who should be transferred.'” We’re also informed that, as they pick cotton, sometimes hundreds of miles from their families and homes, the serfs are subjected to brainwashing from communist apparatchiks. We learn how, in one village, where people were “‘unwilling to work in agriculture.’ Officials had to visit again to perform ‘thought education work.’ Eventually 20 were sent off, with a plan in place to ‘export’ 60 more.”

Why is this “thought education work” necessary, you might ask?

According to the Communist Party, Uighurs have a “deep-rooted, lazy thinking.” Another propaganda report observes that the Uighur desire to “bring up children” is another “important cause of poverty.”

Some observers, Ray Dalio, for example, might shrug off this crime against humanity as a sideshow to Xi’s “very civilized society.” But the facts are clear. What is happening to the Uighur people is part and parcel of the Communist Party’s desire to crush anything and anyone who does not kneel before it. The thread between what China is doing in Xinjiang extends naturally to what Beijing is doing to its citizens in Hong Kong and threatening to do to the people of Taiwan. Oh, and to Australians and all the rest of us, also.

U.S. companies such as Amway, Coca-Cola, ConocoPhillips, Dell, Honeywell, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Mars, Merck, and Walmart should urgently reconsider their public deference to this evil regime.

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