China has strongly reacted to India’s ban on 43 more Chinese apps and even President Xi Jinping asked the armed forces to strengthen training under real combat conditions and raise the capability of winning wars.

According to a media report, Jinping’s directive to the armed forces came during a meeting of the Central Military Commission.

China alleged that by banning Chinese mobile apps, India has violated WTO rules.

It said the two neighbouring countries should work together to bring economic relations back “to the right path”.

China opposes India's ban on 43 more Chinese apps, Jinping asks armed forces to remain battle …

Beijing asked India to rectify its “discriminatory approach”.

India’s decision to ban 43 more apps came at a time when Indian and Chinese militaries are in the process of discussing a de-escalation plan at the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh.

The People Daily reported that Jinping earlier called on the armed forces to remain alert and battle-ready.

A CGTN report says: “He (Jinping) urged the military to improve their real combat capability through training and accelerate the building of new combat forces and the training system to further liberate and develop its combat capability.”

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said: “China expresses serious concerns over India’s claim.”

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