Chinese experts descended against Xi Jinping's extremism, warning not to confront America
An expert on foreign affairs in China has warned that he should avoid extremism in the country. Yuan Nansheng, an expert at the China Institute of International Studies, a think tank of China’s foreign ministry, warned the country not to make the mistake of taking America lightly. Yuan’s statement has come at a time when the Jinping government has adopted a very aggressive approach in the name of ‘Wolf Warrior Diplomacy’.

Yuan has given this warning in an article written about America’s policy towards China after the elimination of the corona virus. He called on the Chinese government to take a more cautious approach. He said, ‘However, it is unlikely that China and America will move on the path of separation from each other. Still this possibility cannot be ruled out and it needs to be cautiously looked into. ‘

Advice to Jinping Government to take steps
Even after China’s claims of worldwide aid for the corona virus and accusations that the US has not been able to handle the epidemic properly, Yuan Xi is advising the Jinping government to step down. He said that it is a strategy mistake to see the corona virus as a historic opportunity for China to emerge. He said that if China allows extremism to grow rapidly in the country, then the international community may misunderstand it to understand that Beijing is adopting a ‘China First’ policy.

Yuan said that the Corona virus has weakened the US economy but does not mean that the Chinese economy will take advantage of this opportunity. With the help of its state-of-the-art technology, the largest consumer market, financial market and global currency, America will first come out of this economic crisis and come back to the old way.

Follow Deng Xiaoping’s policy in place of Wolf Warrior
The Chinese analyst’s statement comes at a time when tensions have increased significantly in both countries, including trade and Taiwan. Yuan advised to adopt Deng Xiaoping’s policy in place of Wolf Warrior. In this, he said that “keep your potential hidden and wait for your time”.


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