(UK business magazine December 12, 2020)

If you’re looking to market this animal, few countries will speak out against it …

China is trying to influence future leaders around the world.

The start of China’s Jintao in December was proud and met the deadline by which the Communist Party imposed itself.

He said he had eliminated extreme poverty (defined as a daily income of just over $ 1) from China.

Not surprisingly, the Communist Party wants to announce to other countries that it has won the fight against extreme poverty.

In October, an almost virtual seminar on eradicating poverty took place over two days, with almost 400 participants from more than 100 countries. The Chinese state media quoted comments from participants praising China’s progress.

However, this meeting was not just about saving people in need. Showing China’s political model was also one of its goals.

A different face than the diplomacy of the war wolves

In western countries, most of the recent reports on China’s diplomacy have been about how aggressive it has become.

Some Chinese diplomats have been dubbed “War Wolf” after the title of a Chinese film about emotional patriotism because of their frequent immersion in foreign criticism.

In contrast, Chinese government officials speak more quietly to other countries than Western countries. He preaches the goodness of the method of government that enriches China and believes it can help other countries.

Some multi-party democratic nations also welcome this message.

Rafael Tuju, general secretary of the ruling anniversary party of Kenya, is said to have said at the above-mentioned forum on poverty reduction that his party must also be modeled on the Chinese Communist Party.

In 2017, there was talk of Mr. Xi in western countries, suggesting that China’s development model offers other countries “new options” and that “Chinese methods” could help solve human problems. ..

Mr. Xi later emphasized that he has no plans to export the “Chinese model”, but in reality, government officials are doing just that.

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