Guiyang Is Applying the Big Data Solution to Promote People's Well-being

‎GUIYANG, China, Sept. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — “I could never imagine that the system granted my certificate in such a short period!” Mr.Wei Yi, a worker from Guizhou Wangcheng Investment Development Co., Ltd. said to

Mr.Wei is in charge of applying for the relevant certificates of his company. Due to the work tasks, he is a regular visitor to various departments. According to Wei, it took almost three months to go through all the necessary processes in the past.

“By comparison, the service platform could be a time-saver. Currently, I just need to wait for 10 minutes, which brings convenience to a significant extent,” he added.

The service platform Wei mentioned is called the Guiyang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone Big Data Government Affairs Platform. Based on the idea “only one trip is needed for people to handle affairs with the authorities”, Guiyang launched this system.

On the data-enabled platform, the citizens can cope with over 300 government affairs including construction project approval and tax payment.

Ms.Wang Yiyuan works for Guiyang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone Administrative Approval Bureau, and she told, “With the intersection of big data with government affairs, the relevant processes have been simplified to a large degree.”

“On one hand, owing to the improvement in efficiency, the residents could save huge amounts of time. On the other hand, they are currently free from the trouble of going to various departments. Only several clicks are enough,” she continued.

The citizens can therefore derive convenience value from the big data platform. During the period from 2nd March to 30th June, this zone has dealt with more than 260,000 government affairs, among which over 190,000 were handled online, with an online handling rate of 74%.

In addition to government affairs, the big data solution can also bring convenience to people in other sections such as transportation.

“In the past, passengers need to pay for subway rides by cash or WeChat. Therefore, we may suffer from a long queue. By contrast, it only takes one second to pass a turnstile, “Ms. Zhang Jingxuan, a native told

Ms. Zhang is not exaggerating. The local government launched a big data project to make it happen. Mr.Wu Min is Vice President of Business Technology of Yitu Technology, the integrated solution provider of this project. He said to, “Our project has a super algorithm system for storage, analysis, management, and application. The system can analyse and model multi-site and mufti-dimensional data to ensure the transportation service goes smoothly. “

“After downloading and registering an application, the passengers can activate the data-enabled payment function. In future trips, the turnstiles could automatically authenticate them,” Mr.Wu added.

During the 6-month trial operation, the big data platform completed payment more than one million times and received fares of nearly one million yuan.

It can be seen that the data-enabled system has made it easier for residents to travel, causing a shortened waiting period. Accordingly, the passengers can save the trouble of standing in a long queue and hence enjoy a great amount of convenience.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary has mentioned many times that “allowing the people to live a good life is the starting point and end of all our work”.

At the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up meeting, he clearly stated: “Let the people share economic, political, cultural, social, ecological and other aspects of development results, and have more direct and more real sense of gain, happiness, and security.”

As China’s Big Data Valley, Guiyang has advocated the intersection of big data with citizens’ well-being.

“Guiyang has established big data thinking, used big data to promote the progress of management concepts and social governance models.” Mrs.Wu Hongchun, director of the Guiyang Big Data Development Administration Bureau told

“The big data solution is making our city smarter, more convenient and more humane. Thanks to big data analytics, Guiyang is creating a livable community with high-quality livelihood services. In this way, the residents can enhance the tangible sense of gain, happiness, and security,” Mrs.Wu added.

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