Humiliation of Chinese Premier Raises Hints at Power Struggle; Beijing's Tiananmen Square …

There are signs of infighting between CCP leader , and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. Epoch Times noted that on July 31, the CCP held an opening ceremony for the initial completion of its Beidou-3 global satellite navigation system, which functions as a Chinese replacement for the US GPS system.

When the conference host, Deputy Prime Minister Liu He, read the list of participants, he paused to give time to accept people’s applause. When ’s turn came up, he stood to accept the applause and pay his respects, yet Liu He quickly moved on to say the names of others present. This was seen as an embarrassment to , and was seen as something that Liu He would not have dared to do, unless he was ordered by a superior to .

Meanwhile, with the ongoing disasters in China, Tiananmen Square in Beijing, which has deep symbolic significance for China, was flooded on August 12 by torrential rains.

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