Iron Man 3, a character was supposed to pay homage to Chinese President Xi Jinping

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Iron Man 3 is not exactly the most successful of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films: the third film focusing on the character of Robert Downey Jr. was criticized in various aspects, from the plot to the construction of the villain, but still contains some elements that many fans would like to see again in the future of the franchise.

One of these is definitely Harley Keener, the kid played by Ty Simpkins who immediately met the sympathies of a good part of the Marvel fanbase: not everyone, however, knows that little Harley should have been a tribute to Chinese President .

This was revealed by the ex-president of DMG Entertainment Motion Picture Group, Chris Fenton: in his recently published book, in fact, Fenton revealed that he was inspired by the then recent Jinping’s election to propose to Marvel to curry favor with the Chinese public by making Keener a boy of oriental origins.

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Not only that: Fenton would have been inspired by Jinping’s experience as a student in the United States to build a similar background for Keener. The idea, however, at the Studios did not like much: the result was the Harvey Keener that we met in the film arrived in theaters and that, all in all, we sympathized with.

Would you have liked such a solution? Let us know in the comments! Meanwhile, fans recently ranked Iron Man 3 among the worst Marvel movies ever; here, however, are all 19 wonderful armor worn by Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

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