Ladakh Clash: On the orders of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Chinese troops try to capture …


  • Chinese troops try to capture the southern shore of Pangong Lake in Ladakh
  • The Indian Army gave a befitting reply to this dangerous conspiracy of the Chinese Army PLA
  • The skirmish took place at a time when met a few hours ago on Tibet

Chinese troops took advantage of the darkness of the night amid the bitter cold and tried to capture the southern shore of Pangong Lake in Ladakh. The Indian Army gave a befitting reply to this dangerous plot of China. It is being told that thousands of soldiers from both sides joined the latest struggle. The clash took place at a time when just a few hours ago, the Chinese President and the Army’s highest commander, , held an important meeting on Tibet’s security and issued new instructions.

A two-day national meeting on Tibet took place just hours before in China. In this meeting has issued policies and new directions for stability and security in Tibet and to protect the border with India. Just after this meeting of , the People’s Liberation Army strategically attempted to occupy the southern shore of the very important Pangong Lake at night.

The Indian Army foiled the Chinese effort, giving a befitting reply to China’s audacity. Not only this, the Indian Army has immediately deployed more soldiers in the Pangong area. Please tell that this is the same area where China was preparing for a clash two months ago. According to experts, the PLA attempted to take over the southern edge of Pangong just after getting the green signal from the Chinese President.

China continues to upgrade 13 airbases
China has deployed aircraft capable of dropping atomic bombs at its air bases near India, from attacking drone aircraft. Not only this, China is also building new airbases. China is constantly upgrading its 13 airbases adjoining India. These airbases of China are contiguous to Indian areas from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh. China has deployed J11, JH7 and drone aircraft at its Kashi airbase adjoining Ladakh. At the same time, China has deployed J11, J7, Avax and drone aircraft at Hotan airbase.

China’s J11 and drone aircraft are stationed at the Nagari base. China is strengthening its military preparedness near Bhutan and India’s Tri-Junction area of ​​Doklam. China is deploying surface-to-air missiles capable of hitting several locations along its border with India. China has deployed surface-to-air missiles 50 km from Naku La and Doka La Pass. India is also carrying out Intelligence Surveillance and Reiki missions. Due to tense situation in this sector, India has deployed jets like Boeing P-8 here.

China deploys missiles across the border
Not only this, it is also evident in the pictures from the first satellite that China is deploying large-scale surface-to-air missiles at seven air bases in its territory bordering Arunachal Pradesh with Ladakh. China has deployed surface-to-air missiles in its Rutog County, Nagri Kusha Airport, Ladarovar Lake on the Uttarakhand border, Shigges Airport and Sikkim adjoining Sikkim, Manling and Lahunj adjoining Arunachal Pradesh, adjoining Ladakh.

Chinese President held an important meeting on Tibet


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