While the image portrayed by China to the world is of its leaders heading a responsible and concerned nation, reality runs counter to the images often seen.

The most coercive and authoritarian regime in the world, China, under President , has audaciously deployed forces to implement its repressive policies at home, toughened its control over civil society and the media, installed invasive surveillance technology, and above all imposed cruel controls on ethnic minorities including the Uyghurs, Tibetans and others.

China’s coercive and draconian measures towards ethnic minorities, especially women and girls, demonstrate gross human rights violations and harsh oppression under the deeply patriarchal governance of the Chinese Communist Party.

Minority Women In China Endure Appalling Conditions

China’s deep-rooted family planning policy among Uyghur’s in Xinjiang has taken a repressive form in controlling women’s body by way of forced abortion, and secret sterilizations, to over time diminish their vitality.

Its extreme measures to slash birth rates among the Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities is employed using a number of intrauterine devices and sterilization processes.

The repression of Uyghur, Kazakhs, Tibetans and other ethnic minorities in strictly controlled Xinjiang is well hidden.

However, the egregious human right violations perpetrating under CCP keep mounting.

The state has enacted outrageous policies of mass sterilization and compulsory use of intrauterine devices on minority female populations with a claimed 80% of these procedures being performed on Uyghur women to alter the population balance towards Han Chinese, and work towards the eventual disappearance of other ethnicities in China.

Such policies have been classified as ‘demographical genocide’.

Minority Women In China Endure Appalling Conditions
A Xinjiang ‘reeducation’ camp

The torturous and horrific abuse of minority women in China’s internment camps reveal a broader picture of the kind of evil occurring in the camps.

Under a dense network of surveillance systems and interpersonal monitoring, women have to live in suffocating prison cells, sleep in turns and use toilets whilst being watched by security cameras.

Moreover, they are forced to take medication including pills that make them faint as well as being made to sing songs that praise China’s Communist Party.

Such brutal actions instill a sense of fear and trauma for life, granting them no freedom to make choices and give birth.

Since the ethnic minority women are regarded as ‘low quality’, they are electrocuted on the basis that being a Uyghur woman is somehow a crime.

Minority Women In China Endure Appalling Conditions

Emblem of the PRC

More recently, China has been advertising marriage to Uyghur women to Han men, but this move has shown grim signs of the slow, painful and creeping genocide that is taking place.

Xi’s government campaign “pair up and become family” shows a government acknowledgement and allowance, even if not publicly stated, ‘sponsorship’ of mass rape.

Women become vulnerable to sexual abuse when their husbands are sent to forced labor camps.

Minority Women In China Endure Appalling Conditions
Uyghur girls in the city of Khotan – C: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Colegota

Women are then sold to Han man and forced into marriage.

Neither the girl nor her family can reject proposals because if they do, they are then viewed as Islamist extremists.

The Han men who marry minority girls are then rewarded with government gratifications such as jobs and money.

China regards minority women as poor, shameless, uneducated and uncivilized – an approach which ‘helps’ Beijing control minorities breeding quickly while keeping them under heinous conditions of extensive physical punishment.

China’s malicious and ruthless oppression has left its footprint in Tibet as well.

The CCP carries out population-controlled measures against Tibetan women, forced abortions, and intrusive monitoring of women’s reproductive cycles.

Minority Women In China Endure Appalling Conditions
Tibetan girls with their family
C: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Antoinetav

The government promotes wide-spread prostitution in the region and practices severe gender discrimination to an extent that ‘virginity’ tests become a pre-condition for employment of girls or women.

China regards Tibetan women as inferior, calling them mentally handicapped if they express their political opinions or join protests against them, thus paving the way for Chinese authorities to hide eugenic laws and continue a systematic pattern of grave human rights violations against women.

Xi administration has ushered in a ‘new era’ of aggressive government, devoid of any rules and human rights in its model of development.

Its harsh practices demonstrate utter disregard of basic human dignity and the sanctity of human life.

China must immediately stop its draconian and systematic abuse of minority women, put an end to all forms of inhumane punishments against women, for no development can be achieved without women as equal to men.

Minority Women In China Endure Appalling Conditions

That a ‘developed’ society like China, disrespects women and fails to protect women’s rights by not creating room for their effective participation in sociery is utterly unsustainable and grossly unjust.

The global community should join hands, and call on the CCP to end its persecution of any ethnic minority women in China.

It is only by adopting a holistic approach, built on strong morale foundation, that the world can bring about a required change which will itself eventually challenge the CCP’s creeping actions of genocide that for now, are increasingly posing a threat to the wider world.

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