On Trump and his GOP enablers (letter)

President , in my view, shows us what a horrible human being he is.

What is even more horrific than his existence as our president is that we in America let him come to power. Many Americans were dead-set against it, but not enough.

The majority of Republicans in office have stood by and let Trump commit his atrocities. The Republicans in power stand by while Trump — and his followers and enablers — treat Americans and other human beings like vermin and engage in endless acts of inhumanity.

All the while, Republicans and their enablers seemingly convince themselves that they are the real Americans.

What does that say about our democracy, the rule of law, our Constitution and about humanity? Worse yet, Trump appears to envy men like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and other fascist leaders. This affection for these fascist leaders seemingly emboldens Trump and his Republican enablers to emulate their pattern of control and thrust this evil stain of fascism onto Americans.

Trump will be gone soon. But it will take hard work to get rid of the evil stain and hate that Trump and his Republican enablers will leave behind. We can do it. And we will need to work hard not to let it happen again. Trump and his Republicans enablers must be voted out of office.

Joe Cox


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