On Nov. 15, leaders of the 15 signatory countries in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) held the fourth RCEP Summit via videoconference. They subsequently attended and witnessed the online signing ceremony of the RCEP. The joint leaders’ statement on the free trade agreement (FTA) highly praised the signing of the historic pact.
As Chinese Premier of the State Council pointed out, the signing of the RCEP represents not only a landmark achievement of East Asian regional cooperation, but also a victory for multilateralism and free trade. The signing offers a ray of light and hope to people facing the gloomy international landscape, and shows that multilateralism and free trade is the right way forward for the world economy and human civilization.
The signing of the RCEP is one of the most significant, most awaited and most exciting outcomes of the 3…

RCEP: Historic milestone for ASEAN centrality

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