'Wolf warrior' diplomats are just cubs learning to roar, says China

China’s “wolf warrior” diplomats, deployed by Beijing to attack foreign critics, are just “cute” little cubs from The Lion King, according to a Beijing official.

When the undiplomatic envoys emerged this year in a blaze of provocative rhetoric, they were given their name from Wolf Warrior 2, a jingoistic blockbuster film from 2017 about a Chinese special forces hero.

But Hua Chunying, the foreign ministry’s spokeswoman, insisted on Thursday that her acerbic colleagues were more Simba than Rambo.

Asked at a press briefing about foreign critics of the wolf warriors, Hua said: “I wonder if they have seen Disney’s cartoon The Lion King. I wonder how they would appraise that cute little lion, who, under all sorts of suspicion, censure and

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