Xi stresses the importance of strong army for national security

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a profound impact on the international situation, which increased the uncertainty and instability of China’s security situation, Chinese President , said on Friday.

He called for the promotion of modernization construction of national defense and army, saying that a strong country must have a strong army to keep the country safe.

“We need to ensure the process of modernization of national defense and army adapts to the process of modernization of the country, and military capabilities are commensurate with the strategic needs of the country.”

Xi said that China would achieve its 2020 targets this year on the construction of national defense and the army.

“We will basically modernize national defense and army, and build a world-class army.”

“We should stick to the strategic basis for independent innovation, strengthen basic research and original innovation, accelerate breakthroughs in core technologies, speed up the development of strategic, frontier and revolutionary technologies, accelerate the implementation of major strategic projects in defense-related science and technology and weapons and equipment, and constantly improve the scientific and technological content of our army construction,” he said.

Xi also called for the completion of a sound triad training system for military personnel, innovation in military human resources, and talent recruitment to strengthen the military.

(Cover image: Armament formations are reviewed during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in central Beijing, China, October 1, 2019. /CGTN)

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