Armenia: Extra-Parliamentary Forces Call for Establishment of Emergency "Command Center"

Several extra-parliamentary political forces in Armenia have adopted a joint statement on the situation in Artsakh that calls for the establishment of an emergency national “command center” to manage military/political issues during the ongoing fighting.

The statement was presented today by ARF Supreme Body representative Ishkhan Saghatelyan at Yerevan’s ARF Simon Vratsyan Center.

The parties demand that the Armenian government immediately establish a special command center  for the operative management of military-political issues. That body should have the authority to make decisions, plan and coordinate operational actions.

In addition, in order to effectively organize the defense, the government must involve the former incumbent presidents, prime ministers, ministers of defense, foreign ministers, and other people with military and political experience in Armenia.

The ARF representative said that they had informed the former presidents of Armenia and Artsakh about the statement, and after the text of the statement was published, it would be sent to those who would express their position. There was no separate discussion with Prime Minister on this issue.

The following parties joined the announcement

Freedom Party

National Agenda Party

National Democratic Union PartyNational Self-Determination Union Party

Yerkir Tsirani Party

Heritage Party

Solidarity Party

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

Democratic Party of Armenia

Republican Party of Armenia

Homeland Party

For Social Justice Party

One Armenia Party

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