Armenian newspaper: Ara Aivazian's first working visit to Moscow didn't go smoothly

Armenian newspaper: Ara Aivazian's first working visit to Moscow didn't go smoothly

Pahst Armenian newspaper writes the following: “Many people suspected and criticized the appointment of Ara Aivazian to the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, to say the least, and most people are of the opinion that Aivazian is one of the weakest officials of the diplomatic corps.

According to our sources, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is certain that Aivazian is just a good ambassador and is absolutely unfamiliar with the negotiations over the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Pahst newspaper reports that Ara Aivazian’s first working visit to Moscow didn’t go smoothly. Our sources at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation report that the newly appointed minister was interested in not so much the ways to find solutions amid the dramatic developments surrounding Artsakh as much as the efforts to restore the image of within the circles of Russian government officials, particularly to convince that only Pashinyan can be the guarantor of Armenian-Russian relations in the situation created after November 9.

According to our information, Russian government officials simply accepted this with sneers. As a matter of fact, our Russian sources inform that they have already given the newly appointed foreign minister a nickname and have started referring to him as “Petrushka” (Parsley). Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find out the meaning of this and if it is specifically associated with the type of herb or if it is based on the motives of Russian fairy tales.”

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