Artur Vanetsyan: We are resolute in our struggle to save the homeland

“We are holding civil disobedience actions in Yerevan. Dozens of our supporters were detained by police at the instruction of traitor Nikol, among them the ARFD Supreme Body representative Ishkhan Saghatelyan,” Artur Vanetsyan, the leader of Homeland party, stated during the ‘march of dignity’ which demanded PM Pashinyan’s resignation. Vanetsyan said that authorities are attempting to break their struggle, yet are unable to stop it.

The opposition figure, who addressed the public standing on the roof of a vehicle at the Square of France, admitted the unusual condition he occured, yet confessed he had to no other option.  

“We are resolute in our struggle to win. Today’s march was spontaneous and had two objectives – to call on all citizens to join the struggle for saving the homeland and the second, assure  we will definitely win and have a country without treacherous authorities,” said Vanetsyan. He next promised to achieve results within a short period of time. In Vanetsyan’s words, their struggle is not for political gains. and the movement is aimed at bringing together the Armenian people for the Republic of Armenia. 

“We are a dignified nation and will struggle for our dignity till the end,” said Vanetsyan, followed by the chants from the public:  “Victory,” “Armenia without Nikol.” 

As reported earlier, groups of citizens along with representatives of different political forces started on Friday a “march of dignity”  in central streets of Yerevan to demand the resignation of Prime Minister . The police later used force to disperse the protest, scuffled with protesters and detained dozens, among them ARFD members Gegham Manukyan and Ishkhan Saghatelyan.

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