Prime Minister ’s favorable outlook on the coronavirus characteristics in Armenia can not be dealt with as a reasonable quote without correct screening treatments, states Armen Mkhitaryan, the chief pathologist of Yerevan and the head of the Armenian Association of Pathologists and Cytologists.

“Perhaps, the practice of wearing masks yielded a certain result, but I still remain deeply convinced that unless large-scale testing is carried out, it will not be clear at what stage the virus is now,” he informedTert am on Thursday, discussing the premier’s remark voiced at the cabinet conference.

“It isn’t time to speak so confidently about the retreat of this virus. I don’t think that mask-wearing had a great impact on the decreasing number of infections. It is very good of course that the figures are falling, but that is what was logically expected to happen, as any infection process has its biological progression after all. If we draw comparisons with the countries which took no anti-epidemiological measure, we cannot be said to have come out with more brilliant results than they did,” the expert stated, dismissing the speculations that hand decontamination or face masks might have basically contributed to the lower figures.

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