Vazgen Manukyan: There is a way out of crisis in Armenia

There is no option for to remain in power, Vazgen Manukyan, the joint candidate of Armenia’s opposition forces for interim prime minister, said at a “march of dignity” in Yerevan on Monday.

“He doesn’t realize a lot of things. He failed to realize so many things that he ruined our country,” Vazgen Manukyan said, referring to a reporter’s observation that does not want to resign.

“He will never quit willingly. It should not be at his will, but at the will of the people. We are now expressing the will of the people,” Manukyan stressed.

As for a possible way out of the crisis in Armenia, Manukyan said: “Get back on your feet, become a normal country, develop the economy and all problems will be resolved. Germany was on its knees both after the First and Second World Wars, now it is one of the most powerful countries in Europe. In other words, there is a way out.”

According to him, the main issue today is to remove from office, form a provisional government, try to take the country out of the difficult situation and hold fresh elections.

When asked about the possibility of forming a common agenda with the opposition Bright Armenia Party, Manukyan said: “Maybe, not a single issue is resolved by one meeting.”

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