Wall Street tycoon tied to Jeffrey Epstein — what did he do? (Full show)

Financial behemoth Leon Black of Apollo Global Management is under fire for $75 million in questionable deals with infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein as well as socializing and dining frequently with Epstein at his New York townhouse and storied private island.

Black has come forward to try to explain himself. But do his excuses bear scrutiny? RT America’s John Huddy reports. Then legal and media analyst Lionel and former UK MP George Galloway join Rick Sanchez to weigh in.

We examine the tenuous ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the limited fighting continuing in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.
We also hear comments by Armenian President in an RT exclusive interview as well as Leyla Abdullayeva, a spokesperson for Azerbaijan’s foreign ministry.

Plus, RT America’s Ben Swann reports on the increased surveillance and invasion of privacy that has come by the mass transition to telecommuting that has come with the pandemic-induced lockdowns and tightened public health measures across the US.

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